Wednesday, 10 April 2013


It's the time of the week again where all the wish list are coming up! Where is your wishlist!?!? Come on, don't be shy and come join us!

Image Source: Black Rose Minerals

The me that hated eye shadows are starting to love them unconditionally. How was I even able to dislike them before? Oh, I really don't understand myself sometimes. After getting tempted by the Silk Naturals + Detrivore, Black Rose Minerals pops up and tempts me again with their 200+ shades of eye shadows. Yes, you did not hallucinate. 200+ shades! 

Image Source: Pumpkin & Poppy

As if SN + Detrivore + Black Rose Minerals was not enough, Pumpkin & Poppy just had to come in my wish list too...Is there a natural/organic medicine to cure this eye shadow addiction I'm currently having right now? If there's a cure, please don't keep it as a secret and share it with me or the fellow bloggers that are having this disease too. 

Both these companies provide amazing eye shadow colors. Apart from the eye shadows, I'm also really interested in the Pumpkin & Poppy highlight...but maybe I should include that in another wish list. haha.

Wish List Wednesday Blog Hop

Hope to read some of your wish lists too!



  1. I am always tempted by silk naturals, I think eyeshadows are slightly addictive :) x

    1. Yes! haha. And now I'm eyeing on their Urban Decay dupe! Did you try any of their shadows?

  2. I think Pemberly Jones wrote a review on Pumpkin and Poppy? Certainly tempted!! These reviews and wish lists can be dangerous lol :) xx

    1. Yes...they are very very dangerous...I thought it was going to relief me. But I think it's making my desire for them even worse...



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