Monday, 8 April 2013


Ingredients: Cold pressed Castor oil, Candelillia wax, Mica, Oxides

EWG's Skin Deep - Cosmetic Safety Database Rating: Not on it

My thoughts: Those that have been here for a while knows how I feel about lip products. However, since I switched to natural/organic, my perception about lip products seem to have changed. I've had positive experiences with most of them up to now.

This ANF (All Natural Face) lip gloss is not an exception, and it has greatly impressed me.

Among all the lip products, lip glosses scare me the most. They are oily, and most of the time just drip to the bottom of my lips and in my mouth. I have to wipe constantly, dab constantly, but then the color would fade away because I'm constantly swiping the excess, so I have to reapply constantly. And then I'll have to wipe again constantly and then... You see the awful cycle of my lip gloss routine here?

This ANF lip gloss does not do that. It's super moisturizing, but not overly oily. It doesn't drip all over the place, but still gives my lips that glowy shine and color. What I love best about this lip gloss is that it "turns" into a lipstick after a while. The oil would miraculously disappear (the lips probably drank all the moisture up), and it would have a consistency of a lipstick. So this lip gloss might not be good for the people that love super glossy lips. But I just love it. 

The color is super gorgeous. It's the Glazed Strawberry recommended by Brianna (iluvjesse444). Here's the before and after picture.


As you can see, it's like your lip color, but better (well, on mine anyways). 

Here are some pictures of the swatch

No Flash

With Flash

I'll definitely have to say that this is one of the best lip gloss that I have tried. It's my first natural/organic one, but among most of the conventional store ones, this is far more better. 



  1. I don't often wear glosses/lipsticks but this does look pretty as I do like ones that just enhance your natural skin colour

    1. Thanks for the comment Sarah! Same here. I used to hate glosses/lipsticks until I met Vapour + ANF haha. They are great ^.^



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