My name is Vanessa, and I'm an University student studying childhood education. I'm a former user of Bobbi Brown, Mac, and MUFE (Makeup Forever). 

However, I have decided to all throw that in the garbage...It was really heartbreaking. But these conventional products were causing problem to the people around the world.

One day, while I was researching on beauty product, I discovered a whole community of people that are using natural product. Many of those people were fighting against cancer due to an increase amount of toxins in their body, other were having health issues due to toxins, and some children were also getting affected by this toxic world. This made me realize that people were getting affected by using products that contained loads of chemicals. So, I decided to join them and help them make a change in this world. 

I'm definitely not saying that beauty products are the only things that are causing problems, but they're part of it.


Through this blog, I'd like to document my journey of going natural. Along the road, I hope that people will get interested and join me in turning to a more cleaner lifestyle.

I will be sharing:

Reviews on products that I have personally tried (my honest opinions)
Information, or news on ingredients, or other natural beauty related information that I'd like to share with you
♥ Other information that you would like to hear about


If you have any questions or would just like to chat, please email me at lonelykiwee@gmail.com or sent me a message through the contact page.

You can also find me on:

"If you wouldn't eat it...why wear it?" -quote from Honey Girl Organics


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