Thursday, 4 April 2013


Caitie (Naturalla Beauty) recently posted a DIY of her new favorite face mask which was composed of clay + ANF face food cleanser. I was so intrigued by this mask that I decided to give it a try myself. 

DIY indian clay + anf face food cleanser
DIY Mask Materials

Simple? Very. 

indian healing clay
Dry Clay

I would take three spoon of clay.

indian clay + anf face food cleanser
Dry ANF strawberry face food cleanser

Then I would add three spoon of the ANF face food cleanser.

face food clay mask
Wet mask

And then I add a bit of water.

how to do a clay mask
Mixed mask

And last, mix!


anf face food cleanser DIY
Almost dried on my face

Enjoy your mask (leave on 20-30 minutes)!

I'm so clumsy. Had to go wash off all the mess I did before taking this picture. So the mask on my face dried out a little bit.

But I definitely have to say that this mask, this little simple mask, made my skin feel more than baby soft. After washing away the clay, my skin would feel like silk. It's as if it's new skin that just came out of production from those little cells on my face. The best part is that the mask does not dry your face as normal clay mask would. How did I not think of this earlier? 

The green clay normally would feel very dry after washing it off. But not with this combination. Definitely not with this combination. And I was so surprised that my face was not dry. It felt as moisturized as if I had applied moisturizer already (but I would still moisturize). 

Also, this perfect-silky-smooth-baby-feeling-skin stays all night and lingers until the next morning. I'm tempted to say that it stays this soft until the next night also, but I can't promise anything. I don't have a softness measuring face tool. (Wish I did though).

The only downside I would say for this mask is the smell. Why? It. Still. Smells. Like. Strawberry! Those 30 minutes of torture! You know when you're trying not to eat when it's past 10 p.m, but you have this amazing strawberry dessert (or any other amazing dessert) right at the corner of your mouth? That's exactly what it feels like when I had this mask on. 

I have not yet tried this mask with other "substance" apart from water. I'm not sure if I'm willing to try it with oil as it's already very moisturizing. But I might. 

Oh! I almost forgot to mention. Beware that when you're having this mask on, you're going to feel as if you're having a face lift. It's going to pull (as any clay mask would). And try to not smile or laugh when your clay is drying...Your skins going to feel as if it's cracking (well, not that intense, but almost). And yes, your junk will be pulled out when you wash away this mask.

Now hurry up and go try this mask!


p.s: [Caitie] Thanks so much for this wonderful DIY.

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  1. Awesome! I'm glad it worked out well for you too :D



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