Wednesday, 3 April 2013


As of every Wednesday, my wish list is up. The post is still linked to Live Green Beauty's blog. 

Come join in the fun! The wish list doesn't necessarily have to be beauty related (even though I'm mostly doing beauty products as I'm still getting through my own beauty wish list). However, you can share anything you want. This week, Dana shared a little personal story with us, and it really made me thinking too. It's hard to see when time is just passing by so fast, and everyone, including myself, are just busying ourselves with work every day. 

So if you have time, check out the wish list, and come to the party!

Image Source: Love True Natural

I've been eyeing this mascara for a while now, and I'm planning to get it as soon as I'm done with my Reviva Labs Mascara (review). I got really stubborn Chinese eye lashes, and I hope this mascara will make my lashes behave a little bit better. 
Ok, I lied. I'm actually also eyeing another mascara, which is the Maximum Length Mascara also by Benecos. And I'm torn between these two. You know how Chinese eye lashes got no volume and no length? Well this is what I'm trying to decide right now. Volume? Or length?

Right after tempting me with the Faerie Organic's Forty Winks Eye Primer, Caitie (Naturalla Beauty) baited me into another primer. One delivers great lasting power, and the other one delivers great pigmentation to the eye shadows. If it was you, which one would you choose? Hard right? I don't like having two same type of products in my collection at once, as I would normally have a hard time in the morning deciding which one to use during the entire day. I'll be spending a whole 30-40 minutes just struggling choosing between two products (ya, I'm a struggler), so no. I'd rather just get one primer at a time. 

Wish List Wednesday Blog Hop

Now, stop drooling over these amazing products and come join in the fun along with some amazing bloggers. 



  1. I want to try both of these too! I'm really trying to not buy anything at all right now, maybe looking at these posts is not such as good idea...

    1. Ya, same here. But Brianna...arg. Getting me into so many new items! I thought my wish list is going to end soon...but nope...more is pouring in. I just hope I can hold my urge to buy everyone all at once!

  2. These both sound really good, I'm intrigued at the yellowness of the primer, think it would be a good one for my skin tone. I agree with Mary though, these posts are dangerous! ;-) xx

    1. And the primer is so inexpensive! Caitie got a review on it You should go check it out when you have time ^.^



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