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Phew. Photo editing is so hard! Tell me what you guys think of this picture. I think I didn't do the shadows well...Oh well! On with the review.

all natural face foundation in true beige
All Natural Face Cream Foundation in True Beige

Ingredients: Organic jojoba oil, Organic argan oil, Candelillia wax, Mica, Oxides, Tuitanium dioxide and zinc oxide (sunscreens)

EWG's Skin Deep - Cosmetic Safety Database Rating: None (not on it).

My thoughts: Purchased this a month ago, and described it a little bit in my ALL NATURAL FACE HAUL. Had such a difficult time finding my foundation shade. Not only is my skin shade a bit weird, but ANF have more than 50 shades of foundation to choose from! Many of those shades were so similar that I couldn't see the differences when applied on my face. 

Ok. Let's not blame on the shade of my face, or the abundance of foundation shade from ANF. I'm simply very noob when it comes to looking for a foundation shade. I haven't chosen many foundation shades during my lifetime. First one was a BB cream that I received as a gift from my aunt in China. And since BB cream in China (most of them) only have one shade, there was not much for me to chose from. Second one? ANF. 

Now let's stop talking about my boring inexperience in foundation and get on with this cream foundation. 

It will not work if you have dry skin. No. So please moisturize very well. I have extremely dry skin (especially chin + forehead), and it looked really cakey in those areas. However, it looks amazing on the areas that are moisturized (my cheeks). It didn't look cakey at all, and it looked like skin. It didn't seem that I had any foundation on my cheek, and it gave a very nice glow.

Some foundation feels like its suffocating your skin, but not this one. You'll feel as if you're putting a moisturizer on. It's really amazing. 

However, prior to applying it on, you'll have to warm it between the fingers. The cream foundation is a little bit hard at first. After warming it, it will become creamy and smooth. 

I do not suggest sticking your finger in the pot. I use the little scoop that was provided to me when purchasing the ANF face food cleanser (I also have a picture of it in my ANF haul). You could also use the Starbucks scoop, or a plastic spoon, or any materials you will be comfortable with. Then swipe the amount you scooped out with your finger and you know what to do next. 

all natural face foundation in true beige swatch
1st: Not blended 2nd: Blended

The shade that I got is the True Beige. It's, apparently, comparable to a MAC NC 25/30. I'm not sure if it's the perfect match for me, but at least I don't see a huge contrast between my face and neck (I hope...). My eyes can be deceiving sometimes...

The cover of this foundation is quite good. I'll say its light to medium coverage. However, it can be built up to a full coverage with more product. 
  • Cost: $ 6.50 / $ 12.45
  • Size: 10 gram / 20 gram
  • Acquired: Bought with my own money.
  • Where to buy: The All Natural Face
A deal is going on on Groupon! $25 for $50 on ANF! Check it out! 


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  1. I think that looks a little dark on you...
    unless you've got a tan going on, in that case that would explain why the foundation looks darker on the underside of your arm



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