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INFO | Why "Natural"?

Halou dear readers! Kiwee Blog Day today! Happy Thursday!

Let's take a break from all those reviews and products. 

For the people on the web that are currently browsing for MAC, Urban Decay, Estee Lauder, etc. Please look here and consider this!

“Ok, Why “Natural”?”

I've put natural in those quotation marks because I want people to understand that when I’m talking about natural, I’m not talking about beauty products with the word “Natural” on it. I really mean natural as in…green, organic, non chemical stuffs.

While I was researching for beauty products (cleansers, makeups, blablabla), I stumbled upon some articles + blogs that changed my life…well…changed my way of viewing things to be more precise. I've learned how ingredients in beauty products were harmful to us. Some people were affected so much by it that it led to health issues (such as cancer, and other diseases). Worse of all, the children, the little babies…they are also suffering. All the chemicals that we eat, whether it’s with our skin or by digesting, all goes on to babies later on. And this made me suddenly realize the importance of going green/organic/natural.

I guess I also went through something similar (but very minimal compare to the other people).

When I was a child, I would eat my daily apple everyday when I came back home from school. I especially liked those green apples! However, one day, when I got back home from school and started eating my daily yummy green apple, I got an allergic reaction…randomly…for no reason. As time went on, I started to get allergic to pears, apricots, peaches, etc.

By the age of 15, I suddenly got asthma.

Where does all this come from? It’s creeping me out! What else am I going to get now?

Are you also suffering from asthma and allergy? Or do you know anyone that’s suffering from asthma or allergies? Ever wonder why we have them? Or why more and more people have these “diseases”? My Seven Year Itch written by Robyn O’Brien gives a good overview of those questions.

This is an article about organic food. But it also links up to skin care, makeup, beauty products too. All of those products are also injected into our body without us noticing.

“Don’t people make sure the products are safe before selling it to us?”

Some products, yes. Most products, no.

Did you know that cosmetics and personal care companies are allowed to use almost any ingredients they want in their products? The products sold are not even getting a safety check before they are sold to us!

The Canadian Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association even said something very funny during an interview. They said (I’m going to paraphrase as I really can’t remember word for word of what was said) “Consumers have a choice on what they buy. We do not force their hands on the products we are offering to them. If they really care, they would research about it and choose better alternatives for themselves”.

Therefore, the beauty companies don’t really care if the products they are selling you are killing you slowly. All they want is profit and profit and $$$$$$. So dear consumers, do you care about your health? Please do…it’s so important.

“Ok, products are not food. We don't eat it! So it doesn't go in our body!”

Oh yes it does…You do eat the stuff you put on yourself. First example I’ll give is lipsticks. We normally would look if a product is edible before putting it in our mouth right? Have you checked what’s in your lipstick before putting it on your lips? Because…I think it’s no miracle that when we eat with lipstick (or lip products) on, we are automatically also ingesting that lip product…And apparently, women, in average, ingest 7 pounds of lipsticks! Can you image? Take 7 pounds of lipsticks..and then yum yum?

Apart from lipstick, we also ingest other stuff. You skin eats whatever you put on it. And what are we putting on? Did you check the ingredients? If you checked, you would mainly see chemicals. Would you eat…let’s say for example phenoxyethanol (oh wth is this?)? I don’t think so…this is only one of the chemicals that are found in many products. Imagine the number of chemicals that composes a product (approximately 30?)…Wow…I just can’t image how many chemicals there are in there.
Not only are those products loaded with chemicals…we, as consumers, use more than one product in a day! Think! Cleanser, moisturizer, eye cream, sunscreen, foundation, bronzer, and the list go on! Put all those chemicals on a piece of paper if you can! Then put the actual ingredients in front of you. I dare you eat them. 

You’re buying yourself loads of chemicals to eat! Blerk…not my type of food…

Still not convinced?

Earth Mama Angel provides a very detailed process on how products/chemicals enter the skin. 

Of course, beauty products are not the only products that contains chemical. Food and living lifestyle also has great impact on our health. But switching out these chemicals will be very helpful to your own body. 

Before ending, I want to share a video that was posted 2 and a half years ago. But I think it's useful to bring it back up here. 

That's it! 

Hope this was helpful and informational for some people out there. 



  1. A great post as you know I have allergies and this is what made me start looking at ingredients in skincare.

  2. Great post Vanessa! It baffles me why more people don't realise that the skin is the biggest organ and that it is penetrable! I think most people tend to research it when they develop allergies, but more and more people are becoming aware of toxins now and what we put on our skin as well as what we eat x

  3. Great post and really reinforces the business that i am trtying to set up over the next year or so, and my decisoion to go natural, thank you x



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