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HAUL | All Natural Face

Halou  Sweeties and Pumpkins! Kiwee Blog Day today! How was your weekend? ;)

My first haul post! 

I've actually purchased from ANF (All Natural Face) before, but I never really thought about doing a haul post. Tell me if you guys would like to read more haul post! ^.^

For those that are not quite sure what ANF is, ANF is a, as you might have guessed, an all natural beauty indie store. I've first heard about this store through iluvjesse444, but let's skip all this blabla and get to the haul!


the all natural face

TADA! Look at all these goodies that I got. 

  • 4 eye shadows
  • 2 lip products
  • 1 eye diva stick
  • 1 creme foundation 
  • 1 creme blush
  • 2 Food cleanser!
  • 1 free sample 
Eye Shadows

eye shadows

I got the colors in Midnight Black, Fawn, Creme Brulee, and Pink Ice Storm. Two of the colors are shimmers, and two are matte.

swatches of eye shadows

First on picture is the Pink Ice Storm, which seems to look whiteish. I took the picture in daylight with no flash, and I guess that "white" is the shimmering part of the shadow. But this is a very light pinkish eye shadow. It is a very shimmery and I absolutely love the color. (Bare with me...this is my first time doing swatches like if you have any suggestions, please tell me! ^.^)

The Creme Brulee is a very light brown. It is also a shimmery. Perfect for neutral looks.

The third one is Fawn and it's a matte eye shadow. I guess the color is so similar to the color of my hand that it is not quite showing. Perfect for neutral matte looks. 

The last one is Midnight Black is also a matte eye shadow. It's super super black. 

I got both the Creme Brulee & Pink Ice Storm after seeing them being used in a couple of Brianna's (iluvjesse444) videos, and I absolutely love them. However, I was scared I would look kind of weird with shimmering eye shadow so I got the Fawn shade. I've tried them all and I'm pretty impressed with them. These eye shadows are extremely pigmented. Sadly, they don't last long. I have oily eye lids, and no primer...So these eye shadows were gone in about...2 hours I think. Up to now, my favorite are the Creme Brulee , Pink Ice Storm, and the Midnight Black which I use as an "eye liner". The Fawn doesn't show much on my can't really say if I like it or not. Overall, I'm very pleased with this. Definitely have to use them over primers though.

Lip Products

all natural face lip gloss

These are the two lip products I got. One is a lip gloss (in Glazed Strawberries), and the other one is a Diva Stix (in Red Clay). 

lip gloss and diva stix swatch

I'm not a lip gloss person, but I fell in love right away with this Glazed Strawberries. It got such a nice red, pink, coral color. It's not oily when applied on the lips and moisturizes at the same time! However, the product would dry out on the lips (without drying the lips), which gives it more of a lipstick look. AND I LOVE IT! 
Sadly, I'm a little disappointed with the red clay. Have not tried it yet, but the color is...meh...Not sure if it's going to look fine on me. Will update. 

Eye Diva Stix

all natural face diva stix in milk

The next product I got is the Eye Diva Stix in Milk, which is simply white. Haven't really used it yet, but the texture looks very creamy. Heard a lot of great reviews about this one. I also heard it was kind of like a dupe for the NYX jumbo pencils. Will be back with a review ;). Now, I just gotta find a sharpener to sharpen it! =(

Creme Foundation

all natural face creme foundation

This goodie came with the white sponge. I added that little scoop to show that I'm using that to scoop up this foundation. I don't really like sticking my fingers into the products, so I guess using this scoop is kind of helpful. Haven't used it a lot of times. But up to now, I'm pretty satisfied with it. I had a major difficulty finding my shade...and I'm still not 100% if this is my shade or not...haha. Never tried any creme foundations before so can't really compare to other creme foundations. But it's really creamy. 

swatch of true beige from all natural face

I got it in the shade True Beige, and it's apparently a NC 25/30 (for MAC color comparison). Not sure if you can see it well on my hand....guess it is my shade after all...maybe O.o I'll tell you why I had so much difficulty when I'll review this. xD

Creme Blush

everyday is a goodday

Brianna really sold this product to me (haha). After seeing all those videos on how amazing the ANF creme blush were, I just had to get at least one to try. Let me tell you, I absolutely love this. I'm definitely planning on getting more creme blushes from them!

all natural blush

This is the color in Everyday Is A Goodday. And really, this is great for everyday wear. It gives just that slight slight hint of redness in your face that gives you a very natural look. 

Food Cleanser

all natural face cleanser

For those that read my review on these face food cleansers, you guys know how much I love this. So I purchased two more! And I'm planning to order more of these and probably even try more flavors! Love love these, and definitely recommending this! Can't stress out how much I'm in love with this. 

Free Sample

Every time you make an order at ANF, they would always include a little surprise in there. The first time I got an eye shadow in blue. The second time I got a brush. And this time I got this cute little lip gloss. It got a gorgeous pinky pink color. I haven't tried it yet.

This is the swatch. But here's something I don't really understand. Can you guys guess what's the name of this lip gloss? It's the Glazed Strawberries that I mentioned previously. The color came out very different than the one from the full size. Which is kind of bizarre... I'm also wondering why they included a sample size of an item I'm already purchasing in the full size? xD Well, I don't really mind as I'm getting more products of something I'm currently really enjoying. However, the difference in color was a little bit weird. Will have to look up into that. 

That's it for my ANF haul! Up to now, I'm really really impressed and satisfied with these products! And I'm definitely planning on purchasing more from them! Especially with the price of the products as well as the shipping fee....ah~ simply amazing. 

One downside though is that they seem to never reply to their emails....I'm not sure if I'm sending my mails to the wrong email address or not... It would definitely be more enjoyable if they had a better customer service I guess. But then again, I can totally understand how busy Crystal I'm not sure if I should be complaining here.

Also, some of the products spilled out a little. But this is a really minimal problem. 

Ok ok, done for today! That's it! Hope you guys enjoyed it, and have a nice week!

Have you guys tried ANF before? Will you be trying? Any favorite products? Wishlist? xD



  1. I like haul posts :) Looks like you got some great stuff!

  2. Ohhh lots of nice goodies, I like haul posts too! Like the pink ice and crushed strawberries :-) the foundation looks like it has potential too :-) xxx
    Jen x

  3. this is definitely not helping me in my "spending ban" period, haha.

  4. @Vivi, I know the feeling - haul posts definitely tempt you to give in to your temptations lol ;)

    @Vanessa, I love these kind of posts! I also like seeing the mini versions and samples, I don't know why but seeing them always makes me feel like it's Christmas! Love the pink ice, such a lovely shimmer. How did you get on using the black shadow as an eyeliner? I use shadow for that too & I'm considering an angled brush, the one I have just now is not so good. Interested to see how you get on with the eye diva stix! xox

  5. @LiveGreenBeauty YES! I really love how they include this little sample surprise in with each purchase. I use an angled brush to put the eye shadow on as a liner. However, it's giving me a kind of thick line. I'm trying to find something that can be thinner. Maybe I'm just using it wrong. I'm new at this took xD



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