Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Halou guys! Wish List Wednesday! 

What is Wish List Wednesday? It's a linky party started by Live Green Beauty, and it's great for people on spending ban! I've already did one last week on makeup. This time I'm going to do one on skincare.

There are so many products that I want that I'm not sure I'll be able to fit everything in, so I'll just mainly categorize by brands.


Image Source: May Lindstrom

I've been eyeing this set for quite some time now. Heard so many good things about them, and it was also recommended by No More Dirty Looks. However, the price....ah! It's bank breaking! Well...for me.... =( This whole set is $410. And yep...haha. Maybe one day....that one special day...

Image Source: SanRe Organic

Not sure if this is in the skincare section, but it's a tinted facial moisturizer. And since it's a "moisturizer", I guess it's kind of part of skincare xD. First heard this product through Shauna and saw her use it in a couple of her videos. And looked gorgeous! Great coverage for a tinted moisturizer xD. It got two shades. One in light, and one in medium. Maybe I'll have the chance to try this one day!

Source Image: Suki
Another tinted moisturizer I really want to try. I don't understand why most of the tinted moisturizer's prices are so high U.U. And sadly, this company did not want to provide a sample. They only provide samples if you are making a purchase. However, since I've never tried anything from them before, I'm not quite sure if I should invest in a full size product that's quite expensive. 

Image Source: Weleda

Image Source: Weleda

Oh...I heard so much about this brand and I just can't wait to try something from them! These are the two main that I really really want to try now, but there are so many more! But please don't recommend anymore or wishlist is going to explode as well as my heart of desire....I actually need a moisturizer soon as I'm almost done with mine. So I might be able to get this! ^.^ 

Image Source: Badger Company

Image Source: Badger Company

I've tried some products from them, and I really really love them. I also got a hair oil from them which I can't wait to try. There are also so many products from them that I want to try, but I'll limit my wishlist to only these two right now...My wish list is really starting to get long, and I highly doubt I need so many of these skin care items (lol). I'm currently using the Devita sunscreen, so I can't really get other sunscreens. But when I'm done with my Devita, I'll definitely get one of these!

Ah! I'm done! What a long list! And I'm pretty sure it doesn't end here....=( I'm very very greedy and want everything =(...

Hope you guys enjoyed it!

Have you guys tried any of these?

There are more blog hop on Live Green Beauty! Go check them out!

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  1. What a list! $410 for the may lindstrom set?! Snap! Xo

  2. Thanks for the mention! The way I got to try the tinted moisturizer was actually through samples that I emailed Sanre personally and asked for! I asked if they "sold" samples of it and they said no but would be glad to send some, and they sent me both shades! Give it a try! :-)

  3. Some lovely items on your list, I tried Suki Color but the colouring wasn't right for me. I was lucky a retailer sent me a sample of it.

  4. Really loving all of your choices, the badger damask rose sunscreen sounds lovely!
    Weleda is next on my list to try out so many great reviews on it!
    $410 for the Lindstrom set OMG! lol! but that's what wish list is all about !

  5. I also want to try some more Badger products :)



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