Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Hai! Today's not Kiwee Blog Day, but Dana, Live Green Beauty, had the awesome idea of doing a Wish List Wednesday Blog Hop. So I decided to join in the party! Here it goes!

There are sooooo many items that I really really want! So I'm going to do a makeup wishlist this time!

Image Source: Silk Naturals
I heard about this brand through Mary, and then Caitie. At first, I wasn't quite interested as I never ever wear eye shadow (What a miss! I know right?). But then...after seeing all the gorgeous looks and the amazing colors provided by silk naturals....I just couldn't resist no more. I feel like purchasing the whole eye shadow collection from SN and just keep it as a collection! I've also been tempted to start doing some eye looks. 4$ for an eye shadow is really not expensive! Especially with the quantity and the colors you're getting from them. However, what keeps me from getting it is the shipping fee (quite expensive sadly). 

Image Source: Dr. Hauschka

Apparently, this is an amazing bronzer. I don't wear bronzer as I feel it's going to make my face look weird. But I've heard that this bronzer is very sheer and concentrated at the same time. When you apply it, it makes your complexion just a tiny little bit darker. However, the price of this bronzer is quite surprising...40$! Quite expensive....especially when I'm trying not to spend too much...Hope I'll be able to try this little baby one day!

Image Source: Naturalla Beauty

I've only recently heard about this little treasure through Caitie, and apparently it makes your eye shadow stay on for 16-18 hours! OMG! If I get my Silk Naturals eye shadows, I will definitely be getting this! You should definitely go check out her review! It's simply amazing! The price is also reasonable ($14)! 

Lastly...on my all time wishlist...A GREEN/ORGANIC/NATURAL BEAUTY BOX IN CANADA! I'm still looking for that special beauty box to appear! Hope it will come to me soon!

That's it! I tried to make my list as short as possible! Hope you guys enjoyed it!

There are more blog hop on Live Green Beauty! Go check them out!

Wish List Wednesday Blog Hop

What's on your wishlist? Tried any of the products mentioned? 



  1. Love the line up Vanessa! I really want to try Faerie Organic, just everything about it looks fab - my eyeshadows never last longer than a few hours! :) Does Eco Emi not post to Canada now? Am sure it ships for $30 (instead of US $15) xx

  2. @LiveGreenBeauty I think I've read about that just yesterday. But apparently, its saying that they are not currently shipping to Canada, but thinking of shipping. Not sure if their information are up to date right now...$30 also seems quite expensive =( I also don't want any food to be involved in there. But thanks for the information! I'll go inform myself about it more. ^.^

  3. I hear so much about Silk naturals from American bloggers it looks like a great brand. I used to love beauty boxes but now I think I would rather pick up products that I really want rather than risk being dissapointed, they are such a gamble. x

  4. Great picks! I definitely think you need to order from Silk Naturals, even with the shipping! If it helps, if you spend $30, you'll get a free eye shadow of your choice, which kind of helps offset the shipping, right?

    Thanks for the mention too! I've been loving the Faerie Organics's definitely worth trying if you get into wearing more eye shadows! :D

  5. OHH like the look of the Faeries organics eye primer I'm still using urban decay eye potion primer as nothing beats this - as yet anyway but I'm still searching for a natural alternative to it!
    Great choices - really loving this collection of wishes from everyone so far! xxxx

  6. @Ana goes green...That's what I thought at first too, but then I decided to give beauty boxes a try xD Still trying to find a beauty box that suits me =3 Thanks for the comment ^.^

  7. @CaitieHaha! I think I will be ordering from them...maybe next month...or maybe as my birthday gift to myself hahaha.

    You really tempted me in getting the Faerie Organics primer. Sounds so amazing!

    Thanks for the comment!

  8. @Jennifer HughesIt was really fun reading all the Wish list ^.^ I really enjoyed it! Will you be trying the Faeries primer?

  9. If I can find a UK retailer then yes I will give it a go :-) xx

  10. Great wishlist. I just posted my first one!!



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