Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Halou buddies! Wednesday today! Which means...WISHLIST WEDNESDAY! 

I decided to change my wishlist...

As many of you know, Dana, Live Green Beauty, created this wishlist to help the people on spending ban. Sadly, I feel it's not helping me control my spending at all....

It's actually making my wishlist get bigger and bigger! It's getting even worse as I'm writing more and more wish lists...Therefore! I've limited myself to two products per week for my wish list! Maximum! If I don't limit myself, I would be constantly looking out for new products to be added to my wishlist, and I guess my little wallet will not be very happy to be having flies flying all over it... 

And because I'm limiting myself to two products per wish list, I'm not going to separate my wish lists into categories no more. It's just going to be random ^.^

So here goes today's wishlist!

Image Source: Your Best Deals

This is something that expired long ago, but it's a wish list right? 

I really wish this deal could come up again U.U. This deal allowed buyers to buy $50 worth of product with only $19! I regret not buying more of these deals before it expired =(. Oh well....hope to see you soon again!

Image Source: Spiritual Lounge

Ok Kiwee, this thing is so cheap! Why are you putting it on your wishlist? 

Ya...this product is wonderful and doesn't cost much...BUT IT'S NOT AVAILABLE IN CANADA! =( I've heard so many good things about it! And I also heard it's good for moisturizing dry skin. My skin is really really dry, and I would have loved to be able to get a bottle of this little goodie to treat my little dry skin. 

And there we go! My wish list for this week! Want to join the fun? 

Wish List Wednesday Blog Hop

CLICK THAT SQUARE! GOGOGO! Come and join us! It's going to be fun!

Don't you just agree with my wish list *wink wink*? I know you want that deal just as much as me! What's on your wish list? 



  1. Never heard of all natural waxelene lol, sounds interesting! Love the all natural face deal too, shame it's ended, you never know though, they might do it again!! :) xx

  2. I totally agreee with you the wish list is just puttng items of desire under my nose, but it;s fun no? ;-) xx



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