Thursday, 28 March 2013


Happy Thursday, and early Happy Easter! 

MAC 266 Angled Brush
Area: Eyes & Eyebrows

Fibre: Medium-firm natural/synthetic blend with slip

Shape: Flat rectangle with angled tip.

Use: For lining or shading with powder, emollient or water-based products.

My thoughts: Most people use this brush as eyebrows filling because it's "thick". But I always use it as an eye liner brush. I used it with gel liner (before switching to natural/organic), as well as eye shadows. And let me say, it goes on wonderfully.

To tell the truth, I initially preferred the 208 and 263 to the 266. However, the 266 is so multiple-use that it has won my heart over the two others. 

It's true that it can go on quite thick if you just drag the brush near the eye lashes when you create your liner, but if you use it a certain way, the liner could look as natural as possible. I learned this trick from Wayne Goss about two years ago on YouTube, and it gives me the exact look that I want with this brush. Instead of dragging the brush, use it as a push liner. Make sure you wipe off the excess of products and just push the product near your eye lashes as close as possible. And TADA! 

Well, it worked for me. Might not work for everyone. 

So now that you know it can create a very thin line, it can also create thick lines! So you can kind of achieve different lines with this brush.

I also tried this brush as brow fillings, but I rarely fill in my brows simply because I'm just too lazy. And it's wonderful (not the lazy part...the brow filling part)!

The brush is precise, easy to control, flexible, and no fall-outs. The bristle is soft, but not too dense, and it's easy to clean. The tip of the brush is also quite pointy, so it would work well for those that would like to create cat eyes. 

My well protected MAC 266

This is how I store it when I'm not using it! Heard many good things about these brush guards, and they really work well. Protects my brushes, and keeps my brush shape. Maybe I should do a review on them...hmm...

Recently, I've been using this brush to apply the Midnight Black eye shadow from the All Natural Face as an eye liner, and I'm loving it!

One downside though. The price! But I would say it's definitely worth the price for its multi-purpose, and the results!
  • Cost: $20
  • Size: 15 cm.
  • Acquired: Bought with my own money
  • Where to buy: MAC, Amazon, and many other places!
Have a nice Easter break! 

What is you favorite liner brush? 


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  1. We were not long saying about this! I like to use a brush and shadow as a liner too, not happy with my brush though. I've owned it so long that the make is no longer visible on it lol, but it was just from the drug store a long long time ago! It's a small, flat (mini) brush. It does the job but I've been thinking that an angled brush would be much better, this post has just confirmed that for me :) Not sure if I'd get the same one, but definitely purchasing an angled brush now. Thanks Vanessa! :) xx



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