Saturday, 4 May 2013


Summer is here, but weirdly, I'm still having dry patches all over my face. I used to have very oily face during summers, so I'm not really sure what happened during this winter. My face did not show a single sign of oiliness even though it's been 25 degrees and up for the past few days. Good thing I got this little face oil to treat my dryness. I haven't tried it enough times to give an accurate review on this product yet, but up to now, it's been working pretty good. 

I've only applied this at night before bed time. I don't dare wear this in the morning yet as it's quite oily. Well, it's an oil...The smell of it is rose-like with a slight hint of spiciness, which is a lovely smell, and the consistency of it is the exact same as any cooking oil (but better). It's liquid, runny, and oily. 

This product currently falls into my so-so category as I've not seen any amazing effects with it yet. It definitely is moisturizing, but only when combined with another moisturizer. I've tried it alone, and I've woken up finding my dry patches more pronounced than when applied with moisturizers. Furthermore, I'm not sure if my "dry" patches are caused by my allergies, or if it's just because this oil is not moisturizing enough for me. So I'll have to give this product a little more time to test that out. 

Apart from claiming that the product is very moisturizing, it's also claiming that it reduces the appearance of fine lines. I sadly (well, luckily) don't have much fine lines at the moment, so I'm not quite sure how to test this claim, but I'll see how that work out and update you on this. 

Overall, my first impression is still pretty positive. I'm still calculating the amount I need to fully moisturize my face. I'm thinking that my dry patches might be because I'm not applying enough oil on my face...oh well. We'll see. But overall, this product is  really good and I'm enjoying it. 

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  1. Sounds lovely, I'm always partial to anything rose :) x



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